23 December, 2015

December Empties

It might seem a little crazy to store empty bottles and tubes of beauty products but I can assure you there is a method to my madness.
With so many beauty products flooding the market and so many more avenues opening up for Australians to purchase from, one of the best ways to tell if a product is worth repurchasing or not, is to use the entire product and review it after I have squeezed and scraped every last drop.

Monthly Empties

Glam Glow Brightmud Eye Treatment 12 cells
RRP:$85.99 from MYQT
Repurchase? No
I love how these were individually packaged so I knew how much to use and didn't have to worry about these drying out. However I didn't really see any difference in my skin using these, instantly or long term. I also found it frustrating how the little grains in the gel seemed to get into my eye very easily. 

Benefit They're Real Mascara
RRP: $40.00 from Myer
Repurchase? Yes
I really do love this mascara, it has to be one of my most used. This tube has well and truly dried up and for some reason I have half a dozen of these mini tubes which is the perfect size for any mascara as they only have a lifespan of 3 months maximum. The brush on this is short and rubbery allowing me to get right to the root of the my lashes and it is almost budge proof, I do find on hot days I tend to get a bit of transfer but over all, I love this and would recommend this to any one. 

De Lorenzo Nova Fusion Shampoo in Copper Titan 250ml
RRP: $26.95 from Hairhouse Warehouse
Repurchase? Yes
I recently decided to colour my hair a copper and what they say is true - being a redhead requires more maintenance than being blonde. Almost instantly my colour fades and although I love the light strawberry blonde colour my copper fades to, this shampoo keeps me happy in between salon visits.
I do find it slightly drying so I mix this in with my regular shampoo and leave it in for 5 minutes or so once a week and find it freshens my colour and adds some depth.

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Original Formula 5 Day Supply
RRP: $23.00 from Mecca
Repurchase? Yes
WOW! I was a little nervous about trying this, there is something scary about the word peel, especially when you are doing it yourself. I bought the mini 5 day supply from Mecca Maxima and I was wowed from the first use. This is simple to use, You just swipe the first pad over your clean face, wait a few minutes and then wipe the second pad over your face and applied my regular skincare over the top.
There was the slightest tingling but nothing uncomfortable. My skin instantly felt smoother, all those little bumps were gone and I found the texture became more consistent and my pigmentation soothed. I've already purchased the extra strength version for a little extra omph and I'm loving it.

Glam Glow Youthmud Mask 15ml
RRP:$25.00 from MYQT
Repurchase? No
I'm a fan of the white Glam Glow mask (who isn't?) but this just didn't live up to my expectations. I purchased the mini and I'm glad I didn't buy the large jar because not only did I not see any significant results but after 3 uses, my tub dried up! I barely had it 4 weeks before having to toss it. I'm also not a fan of the little stringy bits that seem to hang off and fall off staining anything in their path. 

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Facial Cleanser 90ml
RRP: $18.00 from Mecca
Repurchase? No
This is a lovely cleanser and I had no irritation or issues with my sensitive skin, however for the price tag, I would rather purchase Cetaphil, which while not being in such pretty packaging, is the equivalent to this cleanser. I don't think this would be suitable for anyone with oily skin and I found I could only use this in the morning as I need a deeper clean to wash the day off my face at night. 

John Frieda Precision Foam After Colour Conditioner 150ml
RRP: $16.99 from Priceline
Repurchase? Yes
I have gone through at least 5 tubes of this. It's one of the best hair masks I have ever used, even comparable to higher end brands. This leaves my hair silky soft ad has a great scent without being overpowering. The tube lasts me quite a while and I can often find it on sale which makes this even better. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 400ml
RRP: $12.99 from Priceline
Repurchase? Yes
I don't see any difference between this and it's apparent expensive dupe (Bioderma), except for the price. This is often on sale and does just as good of a job as any other micellar water I have tried. I do find I have slight irritation around my eyes but I have found that with all micellar waters. 

Bioderma Purifying Cleansing Foaming Gel 200ml
RRP: $24.99 from Priceline
Repurchase? Yes
This is a good cleanser that foams up nicely. I found it kept my combo/oily skin clear and didn't leave me with that tight feeling. I love the pump bottle and that I can see when I'm about to run out. However, I would wait for this to go on sale before repurchasing.

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask 250ml
RRP: $32.00 from Priceline 
Repurchase? No
I really feel this not worth the price tag or the hype. I didn't find it smoothed my hair enough and it still felt slightly straw like after. I tried massaging, leaving it in for almost an hour and even wrapping my hair in a warm towel but it didn't wow me. I've purchased better masks for a lot less and if I'm going to spend $30+ on a mask, I would rather buy a high end brand that I know works.

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