02 December, 2015

How I reuse Glasshouse candle jars

I adore Glasshouse Fragrance candles and I’m well on my way to trying every fragrance.

They are beautifully packaged in a gorgeous box that is almost too pretty to throw out and a solid glass jar that is useful long after the candle has burnt out.

I like to use mine in the bathroom, for storing Q tips, makeup brushes and those little beauty samples that would otherwise be lost in random drawers.
They also make beautiful vases, storage for tea bags, cookies and anything else you can think of!

Most candle jars can be recycled once they have burnt out, here is how I re purposed my Glasshouse candle jars.

To remove the wax, make sure you have burnt the candle for as long as you can, this shouldn’t be hard considering how divine they smell! 
I often have to ration my candle burning so I don’t run out too quickly.
While the wax is still warm, take a pair of tweezers and remove the wick bases, then place the jar into the freezer and leave in overnight.
The next day take the jar out of the freezer and working quickly, grab a flat screwdriver or old butter knife and get chipping at any leftover wax. Most of the wax should slide out with a slight tap from your screwdriver. 
If you find some wax isn't tapping off easily, pop it back into the freezer for another hour or so, the colder the jar is, the easier the wax will come off.

When you have gotten as much of the wax off as possible, soak the jar in boiling water and dish washing liquid for an hour or so.
Use some thick paper towel to wipe any burnt residue off the glass and any labels should just peel off.

If you have a dishwasher, instead of washing by hand, you can just pop the whole jar, including the lid into your dishwasher after you have removed any labels.
It should come out clean as a whistle and then you are ready to use your candle jar.

To make a make-up brush holder from your candle jar, all you need is some coloured sand or pebbles and fill up the jar.The smaller the filling, the better as finer sand and pebbles will allow you to pull your brushes out with ease.
I bought this Deco Sand from Freedom in "Green" (although it’s more of a light aqua colour) RRP $4.95, it comes in 660g jars but I didn’t need to use all of it.

How do you re purpose your candle jars?


  1. I always lose my teeny sample tubes and sachets, this is the best idea! :)

    1. They always vanish on me too! I feel like if i have them where i can see them, then i will use them more.

  2. Can I check which size candle fits the Q-tips? Is it the 350g ??? Thank you !!