15 December, 2015

My Little Beauty Black Book

Being a well groomed woman is not easy. It can be hard to find the right person to do the right job and actually give you what you pay for.
Over the years I have been lucky enough to find some amazing people who are truly skilled in their niche beauty market and worth every penny.
I have visited all of these salon's on a regular basis and have always been ecstatic with the results, so I thought I would share my fabulous Sydney specialists with my readers.

Please note, all of these recommendations are suggested based on my own experience. I pay full price for these services and they are not sponsored.

Who: Vera Tanovic at V Beauty
What: Waxing
Where: Website
M: 0410 636 532
2/30-34 Kings Lane
Why: For a painless and perfect brazilian wax/bikini wax/or whatever you like wax.
Vera has lightning fast hands that cause minimal pain (I barely felt a pinch, honestly!).
Vera will also put you at ease as she handles the delicate situation perfectly and professionally (and will happily have a fun chat if you are a little nervous).
You feel strangely comfortable setting foot into this salon as you prepare for what is about to happen. The salon is hygienic, there is no double dipping of spatulas and Vera takes pride in making sure her clients are happy and comfortable and want to return.
Not only will you leave with your dignity intact but you will feel empowered and sexy stepping out of the salon doors. It's amazing what a little hair removal can do for your self esteem.
V Beauty also does most beauty treatments, she can do one hell of a leg wax and will give you a facial to leave you glowing.

Tip: Vera has seen it all, so don't be afraid to ask for what you want and if it's your first time, ask for some aftercare tips to keep the ingrown bumps at bay.

Who: Samantha at the Lash Lounge
What: Lash Extensions
Where: Website
P: 02 9818 8188
Shop 2/595 Darling Street, Rozelle
Why: Since 2009 The Lash Lounge has been setting the standard for eyelash extensions. Forget the horror stories of losing lashes, reactions to glue and overpriced jobs that fail to deliver.
The Lash lounge will leave you with nothing but impeccable lashes under the perfectionist eye of salon owner and founder Samantha.
I first visited The Lash Lounge in Petersham and was stunned with the results. The extensions lasted me for weeks and my natural lashes were left unharmed.
The salon has now expanded and is now located in Rozelle, keeping up to date with the latest 2-3D lashes, while also specialising in the classic extensions. The current staff have been carefully trained under the watchful eye and high standards of Samantha.
They even have lash rehab for those who have been through the nightmare of bad extensions! So don't be afraid to ask for a lash emergency repair.
The Lash Lounge also does a damn good brow too!
Checkout my interview with Samantha here.

Tip: Be warned once you go here, other lash extensions will look second rate! The salon is luxurious and relaxing, the application technique is so gentle and professional - you will most likely fall asleep during the application! Be sure to book in advance for special occasions.

Who: Martha B
What: Eyebrows
Where: Website
P: 0415 254 618
574 Crown Street, Surry Hills
Why: Eyebrows are often over looked, unless you have been plucked by Martha B! 
Martha a perfectionist and will make you realise how much a well groomed brow can enhance your appearance. She is an artist and with her trusty tweezers in hand, she tirelessly plucks away and you leave looking like a new woman (or man, don't be afraid to take your boy here if his brows are out of control).
Tip: Keep a standing appointment every 6 weeks to make sure you keep your brows in shape, Martha B is in hot demand.

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