07 December, 2015

The Lowdown on Lash Extensions

 Once upon a time this blogger scored her dream job at an entertainment public relations agency, getting to work at movie premieres and awards shows was her dream. She mixed with the fabulous on a daily basis so she dressed accordingly, she bought a new dress, some hot heels, got a facial and splurged on a glam set of lash extensions from The Lash Lounge

The PR job turned out to be an ethical nightmare but this was the start of my eyelash extension addiction.
I consider lash extensions part of my beauty routine, I love that I can walk out of my house without a drop of makeup on and still feel like I've made an effort. I love that I can go through an entire day without worrying about panda eyes. I love that extra 10 minutes in the morning I now have to spare because I don't have to fuss with mascara.

We have all heard the horror stories of people "going bald", having bad reactions, clumsy technicians and how high maintenance lash extensions are supposed to be but I've never encountered any of these problems while being a customer at The Lash Lounge.
I'm pretty low maintenance 6 days a week (that's code for lazy), I still own a full set of natural lashes and the only time I "feel" like I have lash extensions on is when somebody compliments me on them, which without sounding vain, is quite often.

I can't take all the credit, well any credit really. My secret weapon in Samantha from The Lash Lounge in Rozelle, So despite my fear that I won't be able to get an appointment after this post goes live, I asked my lash guru and owner of The Lash Lounge, Samantha Barnes for everything you need to know about eyelash extensions.

The Loved Life: What is your beauty background?
Samantha: I decided to follow in my mothers footsteps and study Beauty Therapy. I loved it!
I started working with Ella Bache across NSW. I also studied marketing and took some time to work in some other industries before being offered a role as the Account Manager of NSW/ACT for Ella Bache.
This then lead to an offer with Jurlique for a couple of years. I then took on a position in the haircare industry as a brand manager for the elite salon business development programme.
After working closely with so many hair and beauty salons, I decided it was time to open a salon myself!
So here I am today running a very successful and busy specialised beauty salon!

Why did you decide to open your own lash extension business?
I was having lash extensions done myself at the time and the technician doing my lashes was also a trainer. I decided to learn the technique to add to my repertoire. I actually loved doing them and found I had a good eye for such intricate work, so I started seeing clients from home while putting plans into place to open my own specialised lash & brow salon.

Are lash extensions just for special occasions?
Eyelash extensions are really for anyone wanting a fuller, longer lash. They are very sexy and very feminine.
They come in all lengths and thicknesses so they are not just limited to special occasions. Why not have sexy eyes everyday?
The eyes are the key to our soul, so I like to focus on this area to help my clients gain more self esteem.

What are the different type of extensions do you offer?
I prefer to use silk extensions on my clients as they are soft and natural looking. There are synthetic and mink lashes available also, however I find a lot of people have allergies to the mink extensions as they come directly from a mink animal. The other reason I don't support mink extensions is the cruelty to animal factor. While the Mink is not killed for its fur, I can't imagine the conditions to be at the standard I would be comfortable with.
To be honest, once they are on the eyes, the silk look exactly the same as the mink! Don't be fooled by some places offering mink when in fact they are a synthetic mink (i.e fake mink lashes that feel like plastic!)

Why do you prefer silk lashes?
Basically because they are soft, hold their curl for longer, easy to apply and have no issues with allergies or cruelty to animals.

How are lash extensions applied?
Lash extensions require a good eye, patience and the ability to do small fine work! they are applied one at a time to each individual natural eyelash. In one hand we are separating the lashes while the other one slides the extension onto the real hair.

Is it true that you will end up with no lashes after the extensions fall out?
Natural eyelashes have a 4-6 week growth cycle. So natural lashes are constantly falling out and regrowing all at different times. So if an extension is applied to the natural hair, it will just fall out when that hair is due to fall out. This is why infills are required every 2-3 weeks to maintain a full look.
Sometimes, I have seen "cluster" lashes or lashes where 2+ hairs are stuck together and placed on a single natural hair. This places a lot of pressure onto the natural lash, sometimes causing it to snap or fall out prematurely. In these cases, the natural lash can be damaged & over a long period of time may never recover. People need to remember that if you want to really thick, Kardashian look, extensions are not for you.
Celebrities with fake looking lashes generally are wearing the strip false lashes that are adhered with a latex glue so they just peel. Extensions are meant to look soft and natural, like an extension of your own lash.

How can your clients take care of their extensions and make them last?
It's best to not touch or wet them for a few hours after application. It is recommended to use an oil free make up remover around the eyes and avoid rubbing your eyes, sleeping on your stomach, using saunas, or anything else that may dissolve the glue quicker than normal.
You can still swim, go to the gym, shower etc but the more they get wet and the more touching of the eyes, the quicker they will fall out unnaturally.

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