06 December, 2015

The Ultimate Make-up Storage

Keeping Up With The Kardashians had an unexpected breakout star.
Their makeup organisers!
Google the words "Kardashian Makeup Organiser" and dozens of links from people asking where they can get these will pop up. They are simple, practical and genius!

The organiser caught my eye while I was binge watching the series (shhh! you know you all do it) and I just knew that if anyone who has as much makeup as The Kardashians uses these organisers, they have to be good!
After searching through stores trying to find anything similar, I decided to try the Internet and found dozens of versions. The organisers have been so popular I'm surprised the K clan hasn't added them to their growing list of products they promote.

I decided to go with The Makeup Box Shop because not only did they have the same organiser as seen on The Kardashians but also options to customise, as well as great reviews.

I chose the Flip Top Glamour Box also known as the Kardashian Makeup Organiser for $159.00.
At first I was a little concerned about the cost but as soon as my organiser arrived I felt it was worth every dollar.
I decided to go for the square handles (diamond shaped is also available) as I felt it was a modern streamlined look.
Postage is based on your location so you don't feel ripped off and my organiser arrived within 5 days of placing my order.
My organiser arrived well protected and covered in plastic wrap to protect the perspex, the surface is flawless and crystal clear, it was in perfect condition and exactly as described.
I have to admit my heart did skip a beat when I saw my organiser perfectly filled with all my beauty goodies, separated by use.
It's OCD heaven!

The organiser I bought measures 30cm tall x 24cm wide x 24cm deep, the 4 drawers are 4cm x 3.5cm. The bottom drawer is taller then the others (7cm) so it's perfect for bulkier bottles and the top drawer has a flip top lid where I keep all the makeup I use daily for quick access.

The drawers fit all my makeup of all shapes and sizes (foundation bottles will fit lying down) and I've organised them by lips, eyes, face, everyday items, bulkier items and products I've yet to try.

The unit itself is sturdy, the drawers slide out smoothly and don't get stuck so your makeup isn't rattling around each time you use it. The best part is, you can see your collection at a glance! It sounds like such a simple idea but having all your makeup on show helps you get the most out of your collection efficiently, we all know every minute counts during the morning rush.

I absolutely love this, it would make an amazing gift for a beauty junkie friend and when my collection gets big enough that I will need another organiser, I won't hesitate to buy another one.

Visit The Makeup Box Shop website to view the entire collection, make sure you sign up for emails to be notified when they have sales.
I've since purchased some organisers for my nail polish collection and a brush holder, they are all of equal quality and I will be doing a full post on my entire collection soon.

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