25 January, 2016

Hair and Skincare Empties

John Frieda Radiant Red Colour Protecting Shampoo 250ml
RRP: $15.99 from Priceline

Repurchase? No
I'm usually a fan of John Frieda products but this coloured shampoo left my hair with a light pinkish tone. It just wasn't pigmented enough. One positive of this shampoo, was that this didn't dry out my hair like a lot of coloured shampoos.

Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil 60ml
RRP: $11.00 from Mecca Maxima

Repurchase? Yes
This stuff is incredible! This is the mini size from Mecca (those minis are addictive!) and just as this little bottle started to feel empty, I ran to Mecca to buy the full size. I always need some sort of hair oil or after wash product to keep my fluffy and frizzy hair calm but a lot of products weigh my fine hair down. This has a really fine spray and gives me just enough moisture without the weight.

Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator 250ml
RRP: $27.95 from Priceline

Repurchase? Yes
This what I call the "Cinderella effect" I did see instant results and my hair felt amazing but the next wash my hair was back to it's original state. I think for the price there are much more effective treatments but this is great for when you need a quick pick me up and a nice softening effect.

David Jones Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner 60ml
RRP: $15.95 for 500ml from David Jones

Repurchase? No
I received these in a gift with purchase promotion and while I think they are good for short term use, such as a holiday, I just don't think they were repairing enough to use long term. These may be great for somebody with very oily hair but my hair is slightly damaged and needs a little more TLC.

Aesthetica Silky and Smooth Exfoliating Body Scrub 100ml
RRP: from Nad's Laser Clinic

Repurchase? No
I was talked into buying this while I was visiting Nads for some laser hair removal, (aside from the fact that I actually stopped going before my course of laser was finished because the staff are constantly pushing products and more treatment) this exfoliating product was far too harsh and dry for my skin. It felt like I was rubbing sandpaper over my legs and there isn't enough oil or creaminess in this product to allow easy application. I ended up mixing this with a body oil just to use it up and still had to be light handed as this easily scratched my skin.

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