15 January, 2016

The best beauty at The Golden Globes

My favourite beauty looks from the Golden Globes

Lily James
Lily James
Can we talk about how stunning this princess is?
The Cinderella star looked beautiful on the red carpet, her make-up was perfectly done, subtle and flattering. Her hair was perfectly undone while still looking shiny and smooth. Her sheer gown with a touch of cleavage was elegant and sexy.
Her light pink lip, smokey copper eyes and ever so slightly peachy blush gave her a glowing look that kept her young. This is not an event she will look back on and cringe in years to come. Understated, classic and perfection.
My favourite look of the night.

Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo
I love this fun and colourful take on glamour. Olivia is always on trend before it's a trend, so I'm predicting bright lips and rose gold eyes this year. Her highlighting and contour is on fleek (yeah, I said it) and I love how she pulled her hair back and forwent earrings to let that necklace and her pop of colour steal the show.
Alicia Vikander
Alicia Vikander
This Swedish actress came out of nowhere to steal the show on the red carpet. Her delicate features were complimented with subtle copper eyes, a hint of pink on her lips and those perfectly groomed brows.

Trend Alert: Pull it back!

Kate Bosworth
Sophia bush
I love how Kate and Sophia kept their hair chic and tight! So many actresses were pulling off the humble pony tail, giving the hairstyle that we can all manage a new boost of popularity. I'm guessing this trend will no longer be reserved for second day hair and the gym. Pull it back ladies and work it!

Trend Alert: Matchy-matchy

Jada Pinkett Smith
Olivia Wilde
From the jewels, to the gown and eye-shadow, Jada and Olivia matched every detail and I think it worked. The Golden Globes is such a glamorous yet fun event, I think a glamorous and over the top event like this is the time to match it all.

Trend Alert: I see Red!

Amy Adams
Barbara Meier
Bryce Dallas Howard
Julianne Moore
Sarah Hay
How many stunning redheads were on the carpet? I lost count of how many Auburn tresses were present. I guess all the redheads that were bullied in school can now own it and I will continue to pay my hair stylist big bucks to pretend I'm a natural redhead! In total envy.

And the totally unfair award goes to ....

Rose Huntington-Whiteley
This Victoria Secret model/actress/face of Burberry never has a bad day. How does she consistently look so amazing? She had that "just got engaged glow", a simple bronze eye and tousled hair. She knows what works for her and rarely strays from her signature look. Then again, if it ain't broke ...
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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