26 January, 2016

Tip Tuesday: How to keep your hair healthy while swimming

Every Tuesday I bring you a lifestyle or beauty tip to hopefully make your life a little easier.

How to keep your hair healthy while swimming

Chlorine and salt water can damage your hair but who wants to avoid the ocean while everyone else is splashing around and having fun?

One of the easiest ways to avoid your hair soaking up all that chlorine is to wet your hair before you dive in the pool. Just take a moment to step under the shower before you go for a swim and your hair will soak up more H2O, leaving less chance for your strands to soak up chemicals.

You can take it a step further buy running conditioner or coconut oil through your wet hair before you go for a swim, this will create a temporary barrier between your hair and all the nasties that can cause damage.

Happy Swimming!

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