09 February, 2016

Tip Tuesday: How to keep your coloured hair healthy

Every Tuesday I bring you a lifestyle or beauty tip to hopefully make your life a little easier.

How to keep your coloured hair healthy

Coloured shampoos and toners can be a life saver if you colour your hair, they can tone down brassiness, minimise fading and stretch out time in between expensive salon appointments. The downside is most colour infused shampoos can be drying on your hair and when you colour your hair - more damage is the last thing you need.

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As a "redhead" (which is more maintenance than being a bottle blonde), I have to use a copper toned shampoo every second wash and while my colour looks great, my hair is screaming out for a treatment.
To ease the dryness on my hair, I mix my favourite coloured infused shampoo with a moisturising shampoo.
I'm currently loving De Lorenzo Nova Fusion shampoo in Copper Titan, it gives me a more natural looking red and allows me to get that extra week (or three) in between visits to my hairdresser.

I mix a few pumps of my coloured shampoo with equal parts of any moisturising shampoo, at the moment it's John Frieda's Frizz Ease, and apply as usual.

Simple, cost effective and longer lasting, healthy colour!


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