02 February, 2016

Tip Tuesday: How to not over-wash your face

Every Tuesday I bring you a lifestyle or beauty tip to hopefully make your life a little easier.

How to not over-wash your face

If your skin is normal, sensitive or combo/oily you might be better off skipping your morning face cleanse, sounds crazy right?
Over-washing your face with cleansers can actually increase build up, as you're stripping the natural oils from your skin, which in turn causes your skin to produce more oil.
You can even end up irritating and dehydrating your skin.
So unless you have a serious skin condition and assuming you wash your face well before bed (and you always should!) there is no real need to wash your face again in the morning (Unless you are using a night mask or a facial oil overnight).
Tomorrow morning, try just splashing your face with cold water and wiping gently with a muslin cloth or super soft face cloth. I love Mecca Cosmetica's Clean Slate Face Washing Cloths but any muslin cloth will do. You can even buy them from baby stores and cut them to size. It's the same material as the cult favourite, Eve Lom Muslin Cloths but a lot more affordable.
Using cold water will help your skin to wake up and help to tighten your pores.
If you MUST use a cleanser in the morning, try a gentle cleanser like the affordable Cetaphil and save the deep clean for the end of the day.

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