05 March, 2016

$3 Makeup?

Cosmetics can be extremely expensive in Australia.
Even "drugstore" brands which are often considered inexpensive in the U.S, can cost us Aussies just as much as higher end brands.
Just look at this post from Mishelle's Sleepy Time comparing the average price of makeup in the states to Australia.
So when you're paying almost $20 for a mascara that's sold on the other side of the world for $8, finding makeup for $3 is pretty amazing and can send any beauty lover into a frenzy.
I found the brand Beauty Essentials at Priceline and most of the range is $3. So I snapped a few items and decided to put them to the test.

Everything pictured here is $3 each
The first thing I dived on was the nail polish remover pot. I love these and they're re such a fuss free was to take off nail polish in seconds. My favourite is L'Oreal La Flash which sells for $12.95 so when I saw something similar for $3 I hoped it would give me similar results.

With Flash
Without Flash

Swatches from top to bottom

Brow Pencil - Medium
This pencil only comes in 2 colours, medium and dark. This is a decent pencil and with  light hand and short strokes, this can create a decent brow. There is a spoolie on the opposite end which is handy. It's not the best eyebrow pencil I have ever used but for the price, It's pretty ok. I do think Savvy does a colour match for me for little less.

Liquid Illuminator - Pink
I was pleasantly surprised with this. The highlighter has a doe foot applicator and the liquid is nice and creamy. This is just thick enough to create a subtle and natural sheen. I used this on the tops of m cheeks and was pretty happy with it.

Bronzer - light
This would be a great bronzer for warmer skin tones. It was far too orange for my pale, pink toned skin and I just ended up looking like I had mud on my face. It's also quite dry, I could see some skin tones using this for a contour but it just wasn't for me.

Blusher - Light pink
I did like the colour of this, however the formula is quite powdery and the smell is very talcom powder like.You can build this up but it's easy to go overboard and some serious blending will be needed.

Other products pictured 

Octangonal lip balm - Blackcurrent
This has such cute packaging and the lib balm inside was pretty decent. The flavour and scent wasn't unpleasant but once I finished the little dome shaped balm inside, I had to toss this unless I wanted to dig my finger in, which I find that method unhygienic for lipbalm.

Nail polish remover pot
I got two uses out of this pot before the sponge inside started to fall apart and get all over my nails. Yes it removed my polish but at $1.50 per removal, It doesn't seem worth it and it's a lot of material to throw out for the sake of removing nail polish twice.

The Verdict
Obviously with this, you get what you pay for and I can't imagine any company being able to use quality ingredients and sell them for such a low price. If you're on a budget or curious to try a new type of product or colour without spending a lot, this is a great brand.
Beauty Essentials also sell eye shadow pallets for $3 and I can see a beginner experimenting with shades and technique with this brand.
I would go so far as to suggest buying some products for a little sister or budding glamour queen, so they can play without digging into your stash of expensive goodies.
A good primer and a confident technique could make some of these products work, I would place them on the same level as Elf cosmetics.
I think the standout for me was the highlighter and I would probably purchase it again, especially if I could find more shades.
See the entire range of Beauty Essentials here.

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