07 March, 2016

Product Review C Lab & Co Coffee Scrub

C Lab & Co Coffee Scrub

RRP $24.99 from Priceline
Website C-Lab & Co
Directions The directions are to use this on damp skin, turn off the shower before application and start scrubbing. Leave on your skin for five minutes to allow the oils to absorb and then rinse off.
This body scrubs claims to be 100% natural and targets cellulite, stretch marks & skin imperfections.
Fun Fact This body scrub was included in the this year's Academy Awards gifting suite for the nominees.

The first thing I loved about this body scrub was the scent, it smells like a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The scrub is densely packed and I really had to dig my hand in the grab a handful. The texture is similar to damp soil, fine enough to grab but large enough to give you a good exfoliation and nothing too scratchy or irritating.
The packaging is practical and easy to use - The lid twists off easily and the tub is wide enough to get your hand into. It's made from plastic so you don't have to worry about glass shattering on the bathroom tiles and unlike a lot of scrubs, this doesn't come in one of those paper sachets that looks minimalist chic but just gets soaked and becomes pointless after the first use. (I'm talking to you frank).
I used this before shaving my legs and it left my skin so smooth... really smooth. So smooth that I used half the amount of shaving cream I usually would have.
I did find a little build up of residue from the oils on my razor after shaving, however this didn't transfer from my skin to the towel or have an overwhelming heavy feeling.
The scent on my skin wasn't strong or unpleasant, I could really only smell coffee when I made an effort to (try explaining why you're sniffing your leg when your boyfriend catches you, awkward).
My legs felt smooth and mositurised all night, it lasted the next day, even with another shower.
If that oil/mosituriser type feeling on your skin bothers you, then I would suggest rinsing really well and wiping with a face cloth after use. I didn't mind that feeling on my legs but it did bother me on my arms.
I can't yet comment on the claims of helping to reduce cellulite and stretch marks, as I think that a more long term use would be needed see those results.
All in all I did like this scrub, it's moisturising, does the job, it's affordable, gives me a good exfoliation and would I purchase it again.

Rating 4/5 stars


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