01 March, 2016

Tip Tuesday: How to keep your Lipstick fresh all day

Every Tuesday I bring you a lifestyle or beauty tip to hopefully make your life a little easier.

How to keep your lipstick looking fresh all day.

No matter how long lasting your lipstick claims to be, it really won't last all day. Most of the time, I'm happy if I make it to 10am without needing a touch up.
Re-applying every time you need a touch up can often cause a build up on your lips. Your lipstick can start to feather and bunch up, making your fresh coat of lipstick accentuate lines in your lips or worse - give you a serious case of  what I call "Leo lips" from The Revernant 

Somebody get this guy a Chapstick!
Avoiding this look is really simple. You just have to remove your old lipstick first!
Take a tissue or a makeup wipe and wipe away your old lipstick before applying a fresh coat.
It's the same principle as using oil blotting paper on your skin before adding powder, you're creating a smoother surface for the new product to settle onto, rather than packing more and more product on top which isn't the best look.

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